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Your body is the only place you have to live in

Let's work together to make it the best place ever

Are you looking to build a stronger, leaner and pain free body?

You can't quite get that mind/body connection to work for you?

You want to look good and feel even better?


Personalised workouts

My workouts are designed to be low impact, based on movement quality and control, they focus on core to help you develop the stronger, leaner and very importantly stress free body you want. You will work with me in a safe and dynamic workout environment to concentrate on targeted group muscles according to your needs and goals.

How to create the best version of yourself 

Body and mind are deeply interconnected. By sculpting the body you desire, you will build a better and more caring relationship with it. That new, healthier relationship will result in many positive benefits in other areas of your life as you see yourself becoming more mindful and confident.

Helping you get the most out of your body is my passion.


Classes & Bookings

Whether you already are familiar to the likes of Pilates and Barre, or you are curious about what functional training and deep stretching can offer you, I will deliver intelligent and tailored movement combinations that will help you transform the way your body moves, feels and looks.



  • Private sessions - matwork pilates, functional training, deep stretching, barre.

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  • Dynamic matwork group class

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To further your wellbeing experience, I'm offering you this special package in collaboration with Linia Patel, international dietician and sports nutritionist.

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About me


From ballet to Pilates

Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean bathed in the sun for most of the year. That's the place I grew up in and where movement entered my life in the form of ballet classes.

Since then, movement of some sort has always been present in my life. From intense, essential, tireless movement during the years I trained as a dancer, to the basic minimum of the lazier years that followed my quitting dancing to switch paths completely and start studying.

Being part of a professional dance company, I have trained with the best ballet, contemporary dance and yoga teachers.

These experiences have enriched my teaching which is very much based on alignment, form and anatomy.

Whichever discipline you choose to train with me in, you will find that this notion of movement quality, body awareness and specific muscle activation is at the forefront of my teaching.


You can expect some classic Pilates structures mixed in with the many other influences that have enriched my journey, in order to set a creative frame to each session.

A game changing encounter

But it took meeting Gail, 78 years old at the time and the most inspiring Pilates instructor and movement teacher I have ever met. She brought back to life that inner fire, she broadened my horizons and eventually changed my life as without her, I probably wouldn't be the Pilates teacher I've become.

This has not only reignited my love for movement but has given birth to a thirst for sharing it, transmitting it, having people feel it.

The time is now – let's start!

Having worked and taught in a corporate setting myself, I have learned to recognise and assess those “bad habits” caused by hours of sitting down at uncomfortable office desks and have found exercises to help release tension and strengthen the core muscles for a healthier and better use of the whole body on a daily basis.

Over the years I have worked in luxury hotels and studios in London and Milan.

My portfolio of clients ranges from marathon runners to complete beginners, from models to post trauma/injury rehabilitation clients, and scans all ages.

Passing on my knowledge and passion for movement is my passion.